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Bodacious Benz Virtual Car Show - The Dog Days of Summer - EXTENDED

Wednesday, August 19, 2020 - 6:00am to Sunday, August 30, 2020 - 11:00pm
Surpise MBCA - we didn't want to let the fun end so soon! It feels like summer is coming to an end and we aren't ready to let that happen!!! So we are extending the submission deadline to NEXT Friday, August 28th at 11pm PT. That means the finalists will be announced on August 29th and voting begins by 12 PM ET. Best in Show voting will be on August 30th. We can't wait to see what you've got!!!


The Mercedes-Benz Club of America Social Media Committee is excited to announce that we have paired with the Orange County Stars on Instagram for another virtual car show! Join us on August 19th-23rd for another jam packed car weekend! We are hosting the Bodacious Benz virtual car show with this month’s theme: The Dog Days of Summer. We want to see your some of the things that bring you joy - your Mercedes Benz and your beloved pet! It’s free to enter and open to all Mercedes-Benz owners! This virtual car show is also sponsored by Apex Capital Advisors, Powered by Hagery!



On Instagram

Post your favorite photos of your personal Mercedes-Benz to your instagram page. Please include photos of the full body exterior, the interior and the engine bay. Bonus if you post a photo of your car featuring this month’s theme - photo taken of your Mercedes-Benz with your pet, friend’s pet or a neighbor’s pet! Be creative with your entries for the category! Photos must be high resolution quality as they could appear in an upcoming edition of The Star Magazine! Please include the make, model and year of your Mercedes-Benz along with any additional information - Euro, NAM, etc. Provide us in the comments of the photo if there is any unique or important details, history and/or provenance as it will be taken into account when selecting contenders! Also provide any details if your Mercedes-Benz has been modified. If you are a current MBCA member, tell us and what section you are with. Unfortunately, any winning VEHICLES from previous MBCA virtual shows (from that year) will not be eligible to win in this show season. All entries must follow the tagging and hashtagging guidelines.

Tagging & Hashtagging
  • Tag @Mercedesbenzclubofamerica
  • #mbdogdaysofsummer
  • #bodaciousbenzaugust

Must also hashtag whichever category you are submitting your car for, pick whichever applies:

  • #bbadogs (Bodacious Benz August Dogs Class)
  • #bbacats (Bodacious Benz August Cats Class)
  • #bbaaquatics (Bodacious Benz August Aquatics Class)
  • #bbaexotics (Bodacious Benz August Exotics Class)
  • #bbaallcall (Bodacious Benz August All Call Class)

The MBCA Social Media Committee will select TWO Mercedes-Benz in each category. The top two vehicles will then be posted into our stories section on our MBCA instagram page on August 22nd by 12pm ET. To cast your vote, click on the MBCA stories (once they are live), follow the prompts and tap which vehicle you think should win! Once the voting has closed at 11pm PT on August 22nd, all the winners from each category will compete for Best in Show. Voting for Best in Show will be live on August 23rd by 12pm EST, again in the MBCA stories on Instagram. Follow the prompts to vote for who you think should be the August Best in Show winner! All winners from each category, along with the Best in Show winner, will be announced on August 24th! If your car has been selected as a finalist, check your instagram DMs (direct messages) for further details from the MBCA SMC team! DATES UPDATED - see above


The MBCA Social Media Committee has new categories this month making the show a little different from shows past. We want to see your furry, fluffy, feathery, scaly friends with your Mercedes Benz! We are making each category based on your cohost - Dogs, Cats, Aquatics and Exotics! August’s categories this month are:

  • Mercedes Benz with Dogs: #bbadogs
  • Mercedes Benz with Cats: #bbacats
  • Mercedes Benz with Aquatics: #bbaaquatics
  • Mercedes Benz with Exotics: #bbaexotics
  • Mercedes Benz All Call: #bbaallcall

If your best companion can sit next to, on or by your Mercedes Benz, we wanna see it! If your pet hangs out in a bowl next to your Mercedes Benz, we wanna see it! If you’ve driven your Mercedes Benz through an animal park and taken pictures with a bison, we wanna see it! If you’ve driven through a drive through zoo and snapped a picture with a giraffe, we wanna see it! If you’ve got a mounted fish to pose next to your Mercedes Benz, we wanna see it! We want to see your most creative use of the category - extra points for style, unique and full use of the category. We know not everyone has a pet, a neighbor with a pet or friend with a pet. Don’t fret - you can still participate in the All Call category.


When narrowing down who the finalists are, the MBCA Social Media Committee along with the Orange County Stars are looking for the following:

  • Must submit 4 photos (in one post) including: full body exterior, interior, engine bay and photo meeting the category requirements
  • Photos must be high resolution quality
  • Include the make, model, year of your Mercedes-Benz (euro or NAM)
  • Provide any important details, history and/or provenance of your Mercedes-Benz
  • If in a modified class, what modifications were made
  • Must follow all tagging and hashtagging guidelines:
    • tag @mercedesbenzclubofamerica
    • #mbdogdaysofsummer
    • #bodaciousbenzaugust
    • #(category submission)
  • Please include if you are an MBCA member and what section you are a part of!

The photos are then narrowed down by a selected group within the MBCA which they believe are the photos that best meet the criteria.


Prizes for this month’s winners will include swag from MBCA, Hagerty, article in The Star Magazine, features on the MBCA Instagram account and the coveted Best in Show trophy! MBCA is donating a prize to each category winner - either an MBCA branded fanny pack or an MBCA branded license plate cover! Michael from Apex Capital Advisors, Powered by Hagery is also providing swag to all selected finalists (more details to come!). The Star Magazine will have an article featuring the August Virtual Car Show with the high resolution photos! There will also be a featured post on the Mercedes-Benz Club of America’s Instagram page highlighting the car and the winner of that category the week after the show is completed! The Best in Show winner will receive a personalized custom 3D printed 190SL star trophy designed, printed and donated by Chris Olsen of Performance ASC.

Best of luck to all of you and we look forward to seeing all the entries!

-The Mercedes-Benz Club of America Social Media Committee