Wichita Section

Desert Stars 2020 Poker Run

Saturday, March 14, 2020 - 10:30am
Finishing Touch Body Shop
16940 E. Colony Drive
Fountain Hills
Ron Borino / John Hutchinson

2020 Desert Stars Poker Run

Are you ready for some Poker fun?  We have a day of exciting cards action planned for you as we visit several of the club’s newsletter advertisers around the valley while gathering your winning hand.  This year’s event will start at 10:30am on Saturday, March 14, 2020 at Finishing Touch Body Shop, 16940 E. Colony Drive, Fountain Hills, A where you will hear a bit about their Mercedes capabilities, and pick up your first card.  After a short stay, you will then head for Schumacher European Mercedes, 18530 N Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale, AZ 85054.

At Schumacher, there will be a presentation by several of the Schumacher Mercedes experts on the new 2020 vehicles in the showroom (maybe there will be an EQC) as well as a discussion on any new safety features that are either standard or optional on the 2020 line of M-B vehicles.  The presentation will be followed by a light lunch, and the draw of another winning card.

Around 1:00pm we will be off and running to learn more about the advertisers in the Star Dust Newsletter, and to pick another 5 cards to build your winning hand!

But wait, there’s more!!  Past Poker Runs have not incorporated the long-term poker rule which allows discards and the opportunity to update your hand; we are bringing it back this year!  At each stop, there will be a simple “challenge question”; if you have correct answers to some or all of the questions, you will earn “points” which can then be used to “buy” replacement cards at our final stop should your Poker hand be less than desirable.  Each replacement card will cost you “points”, so the better you do at answering the “challenge questions”, you may have enough to purchase up to FOUR replacement cards. These replacement cards will surely “enhance” your draw to give you a much better chance of a WINNING hand!!  Both the winners and those not as lucky will have an interesting drive and a great dinner with prizes presented during dinner.

The cost of this extravaganza is $39 per person which includes dinner and prizes.  Your only requirement is to provide your own transportation, fuel, $ for a cash bar at dinner and brainpower to “ace” the “challenge questions”, assuming you don’t yet have the winning hand!

Fill out the signup form in this issue of the Star Dust and send it in right away!  The final date to enter the Poker Run is Friday, March 6, 2020 so that we can have enough spaces and food for everyone at dinner.

Additional information and a reminder of the event will be provided in the March-April issue of the Star Dust and an email blasts about a week before the date.

For more information please contact:     Ron Borino at [email protected]  or 480-419-9466              or John Hutchison at [email protected]  or (530) 304-2965