Wichita Section

Jacksonville FL Cars & Coffee

Saturday, March 14, 2020 -
7:00am to 11:00am
Cars & Coffee, at the Avenues Mall (Southside Blvd entrance)
10300 Southside Blvd
David Wommer

 Cars & Coffee area is the main entrance of The Avenues Mall on Southside Blvd, also known as the Food Court area parking lot. Event starts officially at 0800, however, we try to post up around 6:35-6:40 to "reserve" some spots for Mercedes! No one is allowed to reserve spots beyond 8 AM, so we are encouraging enthusiasts to show up early to try to get close to our tent and group!

Southern Stars Section is encouraging local Mercedes enthusiasts, owners and MBCA members to come out share their rides and meet like-minded people, while enjoying the largest monthly car event in Jacksonville, Florida, the largest city by land mass in the USA! There is often a designated "Euro" section, however sometimes it is over taken by vendors, so please look for our MBCA banner flag in our beige tent! We have an Evite distro list as well that can remind members and enthusiasts of the dates of these Cars & Coffee meetups, if you are interested in that, please reach out to me! Some months, nearly 1000 cars show up, including many restored vintage rides and exotic cars!

At every event, The Avenues Mall will open up early just for Cars & Coffee participants. Chick-fil-A will serve hot coffee, breakfast items, and other refreshments. Additionally, other vendors and restaurants may participate in offering specific items just after Cars & Coffee begins. We ask that everyone please look for one of our MBCA Officers or Directors for parking in our row(s), as time and parking spots permit! 

We look forward to meeting everyone! If you have any questions, please reach out to section VP / Events Coordinator at [email protected]  https://www.mbca.org/section/southern-stars