Wichita Section

A Drive through the Texas Hill Country - Back Roads

Saturday, July 25, 2020 -
1:00pm to 5:00pm
Home Depot Parking Lot
Hwy 46 and I-10
Don Dionisi

Texas Hill Country Section will sponsor a Texas Hill Country Run that will start in Boerne, Texas and end up in Spring Branch, Texas.  Section members will be able to pick and choose from three different routes or parts to the run, depending on your preferences and how much time you want to spend.  We will have two opportunities for lunch.  First opportunity will be having a Burger or whatever your preference is before we meet as a group at the Home Depot in Boerne. (It’s up to you if you partake in a burger) Your second opportunity if you happen to enjoy a later lunch and want the comfort of a restaurant will be at the Camp Verde General Store and Restaurant.  See below.  You will need to call ahead and make reservations and no more than 6 will be seated at any one table.

Masks will be required to enter and exit the restaurant.  You may be able to eat outside though it might be a bit warm.  The restaurant said it is only serving at 50% capacity so if you plan on eating there, please make your reservations before the 25th of July.  Those in the group NOT staying for lunch at the Camp Verde Restaurant, we'll stay at the Camp Verde Store for about 30 to 45 minutes and then depart on the second part of the run.  We will leave Camp Verde, travel through Center Point and make another pit stop in Comfort, Texas at the Love’s Store and Station on Interstate 10.  Part Two of the Run ends here and those of you that choose to leave the group can take Interstate 10 back to Boerne and San Antonio.  The other brave souls that want to finish up the 3rd part of the run will double back to FM 473 and drive to Sisterdale, then to Kendalia and turn south on Highway 281.  We will travel down 281 until we reach Spring Creek Gardens, a lovely gift shop and plant nursery.  We will park under the Live Oaks and those who want to shop and browse at the gift shop and check out the plants may do so.  They have tropical and native plants as well as an array of common landscaping plants for this area.  This will be the final ‘leg’ of the run.  If you do not wish to stop and shop you can leave and continue south on 281 or wherever your final destination might be.

Please join us on July 25th at 1:00 p.m. at the Home Depot on Hwy 46 and I-10 towards Boerne... for a fun filled driving event and blow out the cobwebs in your Benz.