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2020 Desert Stars Havasupai Rallye

2020 Desert Stars Havasupai Rallye

Desert Stars
Saturday, October 17, 2020 - 9:00am

In the Rear-view Mirror -- “COVID Edition” Havasupai 2020 Wrapup

Members willing to venture out carefully on October 17th were rewarded with a Fall Havasupai contest through some of Arizona’s very best panoramas and most interesting roads.  The Apache Trial provided stunning vistas of Canyon Lake and the Superstition Mountains while teasing drivers with lots of twisty roads.  Long stretches without distraction from clues or other stops allowed drivers and navigators to truly enjoy the beautiful weather, local history, and extraordinary scenery.

A big shout-out goes to Mike Tegge and his team at Mercedes-Benz of Gilbert for hosting our sendoff.  They provided a morning caffeine and sugar boost along with a tour of the dealership’s top-flight maintenance facilities.  On the road, and after a brief loop through the historic Williams Air Field” (today’s Phoenix-Mesa gateway airport), drivers and navigators headed east through rural Mesa, Apache Junction and out SR 88, the Apache Trail, meeting for lunch at kitschy Tortilla Flats.  Once there, some tried to count the dollar bills on the walls, thinking this might be a clue (hint: there are about 400,000 bills covering every square inch, all “uninsurable” according to the town’s owner and mayor, Katie Ellering…)

After lunch the visual treats continued as competitors headed north toward Saguaro Lake via Usery Pass and the Bush Highway, taking in more gorgeous views (and finding a few clues along the way, of course…).  Traversing Fountain Hills, and Rio Verde, participants ended up at Spiga Ristorante in North Scottsdale for a lively celebration of the relaxed 125.84 mile day and recognition of those who most successfully matched wits with our veteran rallyemasters. 

The Kachina for First Place went to Ed and Annette Crawford who ventured from California to join us (Ed’s attended the Bob Yoder School of Rallye and Mayhem during several previous contests…).  Second Place went to perennial contenders Ron and Rhonda Borino, who missed by just enough to not have to plan next year’s weekend!  Third Place and a Kachina went to Mike and Caryn Puehse, who came in as neophyte guests and went home with a fine showing in their very first outing!  Congratulations to all the winners and to everyone who competed and took home some themed prizes!

We appreciate all those who braved the pandemic and came out to an event carefully planned to keep members safe.  We hope you enjoyed the outing and look forward to seeing you again soon!  Next year, the Desert Stars plan to return to our traditional Fall Weekend event.  Stay tuned!!

Chuck and Ava Stanford