Wichita Section

2021 Desert Stars Poker Run

Saturday, March 27, 2021 - 10:30am
45 East Southern Avenue, Mesa, AZ
Debbie Ichiyama

Are you ready for some Poker fun? We have a day of exciting card action planned for you as we again visit several of the club’s newsletter advertisers around the valley and hear about their offerings to Desert Stars members while gathering your winning hand.

This year’s event will commence Saturday, March 27, 2021 at 10:30 am.  The starting location will be Rhodium45 (https//45rhodium.com) located at 45 East Southern Avenue, Mesa, AZ where you will receive your travel route handout, draw your first card and have the opportunity to view both their vehicle storage and member lounge capabilities as well as Larry Read’s fantastic collection of classic cars.

On your travel route for the event, you will draw SEVEN cards for development of a winning 5-card hand.  But, if you don’t get the exact cards that you need, you can use the “points” that you will earn by coming in with correct answers to a number of simple “challenge questions” and or pictures along the route to improve your hand; you can then “buy” replacement cards at our final stop should your Poker hand be less than desirable. Each replacement card will cost the number of “points” that we will define from your stash at our final stop.  So, the better you do at answering or identifying the “questions or pictures”, you may have enough points to purchase up to FOUR replacement cards if your hand is somewhat deficient. These replacement cards will surely “enhance” your draw and give you a much better chance of a WINNING one of the premier prizes!!

Both the winners and those not as lucky will have an interesting drive and a great dinner with prizes presented during dinner. The cost of this extravaganza is $15 per person! Your only requirements are to provide: a) your own transportation andfuel; b) $ for drinks and whatever you select from the menu for dinner; and c) brainpower and observation to “ace” the “challenge questions”, assuming you don’t yet have the winning hand!

We will end the day at approx. 5:00 p.m. at O.H.S.O Eatery and Distillery at 15681 N Hayden Rd, Scottsdale, AZ for an early dinner.  We will be exclusively sitting in the restaurant’s large outdoor seating area.

Please RSVP as soon as possible to ensure that you have a spot for the event as it will be limited to a maximum of 30 people [15 cars].  The deadline for registration is March For registration please contact Debbie Ichiyama @ 480-268-9535