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Grand Island Mansion -SFBA

  • Western Regional Event
Sunday, April 18, 2021 -
10:00am to 2:30pm
Peet's Coffee - 5458 Clayton Valley Road, Concord
13415 Grand Island Road, Walnut Grove, CA 95690
Walnut Grove
Doug Storkovich
(510) 912-1838

Delta Drive IV – April 2021

April 18th - 2021 The Fourth Annual “Delta Drive” to the Grand Island Mansion (“GIM”).  This year, due to Covid-19 disruptions the drive is rescheduled to April 18th.

Some important changes as things have changed.  We have moved the starting time back to fit the GIM reservation timing of 12:30 p.m.  The brunch menu has been replaced with a “fixed” menu* ordered and served at your table, the price remains the same @ $39.95/person.  Reservations are required as in the past, they are on a first come basis.  When making your reservations (916.775.1705) please make note that you are with the Mercedes Benz Car Club as they will seat us together.  Please make your reservation as soon as possible!  Please wear your MBZ club name tags to help the staff recognize you are a MBZ’r!

The starting line begins at Peet’s Coffee in Concord. (Please print these instructions out)

We’ll meet up at Peet’s Coffee in the “Clayton Valley Shopping Center” at the intersection of Clayton Valley and Ignacio Valley Roads in Concord from 9:45 a.m. to 10:15 for coffee and snacks. Peet’s is located behind the Bank of America on the corner at 5458 Clayton Valley Road, Concord.  Sign ins, NOTE: please print out these driving instructions, sign ins are to completed by 10:25 a.m.; ladies and gentlemen… “start your engines” …  for a prompt departure at 10:30 a.m. and then a right turn east onto Clayton Valley Road.   That would be “RIGHT” Jack!

We then get on Marsh Creek Road passing by the historic city of Clayton and then into the wilds of the northeast side of Mt. Diablo.  Expect great views and possibly lush green grass covered hills as we wind down the road towards the Delta.  Note, there are warning signs posted regarding the possibility of “ICEY” road conditions.

There is a lot of early California packed into this area, as John Marsh was the first “Anglo” landowner in “Alta California” (2).  We are driving thru history!   About 11 miles down Marsh Creek Road, we’ll make a left turn on to Deer Valley Road headed towards Antioch and a right turn onto Hwy 4 (9 miles) then onto the gateway to “The Delta” Hwy 160, staying to the right.  Next is “The High Bridge”, which is a “toll bridge”, if you don’t have “Fastrak”, have dollars ready!  The plan is to go thru the “collection side” to keep our run together, a beep = $!

Just past Isleton, we follow Hwy 160 over the old bridge and a right turn following Hwy 160.  Next is a left turn on to Hwy 220 just past the Ryde Hotel in Walnut Grove. This is where the driving gets little more interesting as we drive across Grand Island with farm vistas!  Take a right turn on to “Grand Island Road” heading North East. (Note, “The Grand Island Road” is a “loop” around the perimeter of the Island, cannot get lost!) 

A short distance on this levee road is our destination on the right … The Grand Island Mansion (“GIM”) 13415 Grand Island Road!  The Finish Line ends at “GIM”!          

Parking on the right in the back or on the street in front of the Mansion.

*To view the menu - https://www.opentable.com/r/grand-island-mansion-walnut-grove?lang=en#menu

For informational links about the Mansion and local history of the drive:

http://grandislandmansion.com/   http://www.mdia.org/site/park-information/history-of-mdia